We're a shopping service

Skycart buys stuff on your behalf from online shops in China, like, you know, Taobao - the best place to buy exactly what you want for the lowest prices in the world. Some think of us as an agent, others see us as saviours. We’re somewhere in between:

Skycart Person Shopper
Taobao Agent like a friend

Like a friend

When you buy from Taobao, you need to read Chinese and talk to sellers. Your stuff gets shipped all the way to Singapore and it's broken, missing or in the wrong colour. If only you had a friend in China to help you with your Taobao-ing and to check your things there before sending them back to you.

If only!

of befriending Skycart

No more language barrier

F9 for Chinese? We'll help you navigate through all the ching chang chung ching.

We check your stuff

Missing, wrong items and defects will be settled before shipping it back to you.

Personal shopper

Chat with us and ask for Chinese keywords, help with reading descriptions or even finding stuff you want.

We handle Chinese sellers

Chinese sellers can be troublesome and speak, well, Chinese. You only need to speak to our local staff if you need anything.

Returns, refunds, exchanges

We'll handle problem items while they're still in China. Too late to do it in Singapore!

Convenient collection

Home delivery or collection from our pickup location near you to fit your schedule.


Buying from our Instagram feed means no Chinese and no risks of being duped by the sellers' photoshopped photos.

Sensible repackaging

We'll reduce excessive packaging to save your shipping costs or protect poorly packed packages properly. (Try saying that 5 times quickly)

We're pretty cool.

Yes we are.

Shipping Rates

Express Air

1 - 2 days



18 - 26 days

$0.90 - $1.35/500g

Economy Air

3 - 5 days


Sensitive Air

7 - 9 days


Service charge of 4 - 7% will be applied for services rendered.

Interested? Here's a little tutorial video to get you started.

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